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The Sonoma appellation is more important to us than any other appellation. Wines from Sonoma tend to be more subtle and nuanced by nature. Sivas-Sonoma wines are made to be enjoyed with a meal, as has been the tradition in the Sebastiani family for generations. These wines are a marriage of Sonoma's sub-appellations to truly reflect the character of Sonoma County. Our winemaking approach is a blend of old world and new world style. The wines are rich in heritage while embodying Sonoma County's food friendly and relaxed approach to life.

Greg Kitchens

Greg Kitchens


Growing up in Napa, I quickly developed a palate for wine, as it was always a staple at holiday celebrations with family and friends. I really came to appreciate value-driven wines in college at UC San Diego, when I realized my college budget could not afford the wines that I was accustomed to.

So instead of following both my parents into the medical field, I took courses in plant biology and majored in Biochemistry. In the wine industry, I worked my way up from lab tech and lab management positions to work in the winemaking department at Don Sebastiani & Sons in 2001 and then eventually got the opportunity to run the winemaking operation in 2009. I love the blend of art and science in winemaking, and I think that it is truly a combination of strict science, gentle handling, and a good palate that helps make world-class wine.

At home in Petaluma with my wife Tracy and our kids, Lia and Sawyer, I enjoy cooking comfort food like homemade spatzle and pasta sauces. When we get the chance, we enjoy traveling in Europe for the history and wine, or scuba diving on a tropical reef.